I had a great question from Eric Larson on app review!  Thanks Eric!  I glad to hear you are using “Agility Tracks” and we are taking yours and everyone’s feed back into serious consideration.  It was your comments that got me thinking about how to use the news feed.  I have decided I will use this to comment back on app reviews and let everyone know the bugs we are currently experiencing and  running into, some from constantly improving some from overlooking some things.  We will also list what new features we are thinking about adding in the future.


Bugs: Latest version 1.1.0

1.  Judges – we made a change to be able to keep your list of judges instead of adding them each time.  Currently you can not add any Judge, we have resolved the issue but have not released the new code yet.  Should be out in the next few weeks.

2.  Upgrade and Restore – When you upgrade or restore, all the links to pictures, course maps, etc.. are lost.  No picture or anything are lost just the links.  We should have this fixed in the next version or the next.

3.  MACH pts not always updating – We have made some changes and everything seems to now calculate correctly, should be resolved in the next version.

4. QQ’s not calculating –  We have made some changes and everything seems to be adding correctly, should be resolved in the next version.

5.  Problems with display on Samsung 8.7 and Android 3.1.1, currently have no resolution but we are working on it.

6.  Missing some CKC titles, we will miss this window for update but will have it in the next version.

7. USDAA DAM Team – Missing Snooker, we missed this next version but will have the version after.

Added Features

1.  Starting QQ’s – We have added the ability to add starting QQ’s and the total QQ’s will reflect this plus any earned through runs added.

2. Imperial (U.S) or Metic  - You will now be able to change between Metric and Imperial, feature will be listed under Data, next release this will be available.

I have long list of features to add to the version after this but based on the current bugs wanted to get something out soon.


As always if you have any issues, problems or suggestions send me an email through the Support Page,  I will email you or call your to resolve.  It may take me a day or two but I will get back with you.  If it takes more than 3 days try again.


Thanks to Eric Larson again for giving me the idea of how to provide feedback!!!


Don St. Croix


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