Our new version did not go as well as planned.  We have ran into some issues.  It does have some great new features and we are getting to add some cooler features.  The biggest lesson is to make sure you have a good backup prior to backup.  If you have not upgraded to the new version, I suggest backup first, delete the existing app and then reboot the device.  Go back into the app store and reinstall app, then restore your data.  The good news all your data and everything should work as we planned.  The bad I am still working on restoring the links for pictures, maps and now video.  I agree that this should be standard part of the backup but getting it to work as been a little more challenging.  I will promise to focus on solving this issue moving forward.  I use the app myself and find it very frustrating as well.

We will always work to solve your problems so please use the support page and I will try to get back with you as soon as possible.

I also have heard from a few of you about the new summary pages wondering why we only did AKC and USDAA.  We have to start some where and I know these two venues the best.  If you would like to see summary pages for other venues please send in your suggestions.



Don St. Croix


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