We have some changes coming soon, some good and some not so good.  Please be patient with us as we make these changes.  The first change is that “Agility Tracks” is being transferred from my current developer Bizmosis, who has done an “Outstanding Job”  to The Dog’s Place.  This has been the plan all along, what we did not plan for is Apple ability to transfer an APP from Developer to Owner.  The only way it will be possible is to delete the APP from the Store and resubmit the APP as a new owner to the store.  Sound simple, well not really.  The difficult part it will look and act like a new APP.  This means your current APP will not be upgradable.  We are going to handle this, but have not worked out all the details.  So I need everyone to make sure they have their APP backed up and  I would also need everyone who has the APP to send me an email to me.  You can do this  in the APP, select feature request and put Transfer to New APP in the details.  Once we transfer the APP I will contact you on how to switch over to the new so you can continue to the get the updates.  The new APP will be able to a restore from your previous APP.  The first version of the APP will be exactly the same as current.  I know I am way behind on a lot of rules, qualifications etc.. but I have been focused on getting this transferred and will have the rules changes and new qualifications update shortly there after.




Don St. Croix


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