We have ported Agility Tracks for the Apple Store.  We are working on the Droid Store but it is not quite ready at this time.  We have done a lot of updates.  The bad news is at this time you will not be able to see most of them.  The  updates we have done are for the  the back end system of the program.  The back end is not is not seen by the users of Agility Tracks. The good news is these updates will allow us to start adding the updates and features you can see.


If you are an Apple users and sent me a email, I have replied on instructions to transfer to the new Agility Tracks 2.0.  If you have not sent me an email, please do and I will send you instructions.


Items of concern, when you do a backup and restore to the new version, we have not fixed the links to photos and course maps.   So you will loose these links.  You can add back in after but the process will break that part.  I am sorry about this and I am still working to solve this issue but have not been able to as of yet.




Don St. Croix

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