We have been working very hard on getting all the bugs out our APP.  Sometimes just when you think you have them all figured out one or two creep back in.  With the release of 2.0 for Apple we introduced 2 new ones.  The first being the screen flip on entering data and the second one is the export of runs to xls.   We believe we have fixed both these issues.  We are waiting to release this fix until we have resolved the issues with restores and upgrades deleting pictures and maps.  We are getting close but not quite there.  Please be patient with us as we try to get everything right before we release the update.

Droid Users I have not forgotten you, we will releasing a Droid version as well but it is much easier to fix the Apple version first before releasing the Droid version.  Once I have fixed the bugs on the Apple version we will release the Droid a week or so later.

We currently have a very long list of features people are requesting.  We will be working on adding these features but want to get a stable bug free version first.

On the request of adding new summary pages for additional Organizations.  I currently will need feedback from the individuals who run in these Organizations before proceding.  I have had make request for the summary pages but have yet to get a detailed example of the information they want to see on the summary page.  My expertise is in AKC and USDAA and not others.

If you want other Organizations, like AAC, AAL, FCI, CPE, etc then send a very detailed list of the options.

Run Fast and Take Chances,

Don St. Croix

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