It has been quite a struggle and a lot of help from Tim Verrelli and Jerry Kiah, but we have finished it.  On the surface it will not seem like the amount of changes we made should of taken this long.  I agree but we did lots of updates under the hood.  This is what caused the delay to keep being dragged out.

These updates were required to support new releases of IOS and Droid.  We have tested both and believe that current updates should resolve any issues with any releases from Apple or Google.

On the surface we have updated the Summary pages for AKC and USDAA to include the correct criteria for qualifying events, we also added the ability for you to change this criteria yourself.  This will give you the ability to update in case my release of version is out of sync with Organization changes for qualifying events.  Or some people may just want to play with different information and time periods for their dogs.


We have also fixed the issue with Dog pictures and Maps not working quite right after a restore.  We do believe this item is fixed.  I am still holding my breath and hope to hear good results as everyone starts using the new version.

Added the auto check of Q’s, we find that most people log more Q then Non Q’s so why not assume it was a great run!.

Updated to T2B to include when selecting Level it auto selects Class for T2B.


The Google Play Store now has the new version and the Apple Store has the new version but will be delayed while Apple approves it.  So Keep you eyes open for it.  I will post when it has been released.


We are also hoping to have a new feature available for Cynosports but it is still to early to tell if it will be ready.


Wishing everyone great runs with their dogs!


Enjoy the Day!


Don St. Croix



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