Agility Tracks was developed by people who Love Agility and train and work with their dogs on a daily basis. Fed up with no real good tools to keep up with Information -

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AgilityTracks was desgined to make it easier for you to keep up with everything about your Dogs and how well they are doing in your agility trials.

Some of the cool Features

  • Track your progress and learn from your mistakes with easy to use record keeping.
  • You can track all of your dogs and multiple venues using this one application.
  • Dog information includes, dogs names and registration numbers; identification information (height, weight, tattoo and chip number, DOB, breed); Sire, Dam and breeder information; veterinarian information; instructor information.
  • Keep all important information easily in one place.
  • Backup all your data simply and easily, with simple and easy restore.  New phone, no problem, just backup and restore!
  • You get a quick and colorful view of the dog, the q and the placement.
  • You can use this application for many organizations, including, AKC, USDAA, AAC, FCI, UKI, CPE, TDAA, ASCA, CKC, DOCNA, NADAC, UKC.
  • There are many options for viewing information in this application.
  • You can sort by the dog or by the venue.
  • We have filters for sorting by class, club date, dog, level, placement, Q, or time.
  • Share information about your runs on facebook or send them by e-mail with a quick hit of a button.
  • Attach pictures of the course map or any other pictures to each recorded run.
  • Written notes and audio notes can be attached to each recorded run.
  • Easily exports all information to a CSV.
  • Automatically calculates the YPS and MACH points for each run and total points for each dog.
  • In the news section you can easily keep up with all the latest agility news.
  • Any coach will tell you the best way to grow and improve your performance is to track your performance.  Agility Tracks is the app. for that!

Here are a couple of pictures of the Application




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